Below is a suggested plan to introduce technology into the classroom in the Primary pilots. It is important to do this one step at a time, so that pupils and teachers are comfortable with the technology and its integration is smooth and seamless so that the learing and teaching process is enhanced and not in any way disrupted.

Term 1: August – October
  • Begin blog – our experiences of handheld learning
  • Mental maths – Sums Online / Espresso / MathAmigo
  • Homework – on Glow/Studywiz
  • Spelling games and puzzles – Grid Club

Term 2: October – December
  • PLPs
  • Reading Conferencing
  • Establish link with European School

Term 3: January – March
  • Whole Europe project PAPERLESS ZONE
  • Modern Languages (linking with Europe)

Term 4: April – June
  • To be confirmed