The internet has brought about many changes to the way we work, live and even play and it is now a part of everyday life for the younger generation. The internet is not something that will go away, and as parents it is our duty to accept, understand and embrace it, so that we understand what our children are up to online. It is also our duty to advise and educate them on how to conduct themselves safely and sensibly online. This will of course be a difficult and even alarming prospect for those parents who are less familiar with technology and this page has been provided to aleviate some of these concerns by providing useful links to some helpful online resources. In addition to keeping safe online, recent health and safety media attention has cast some doubts on the health and saftey aspect of wireless technology. For further information on various aspects of health and safety please select relevant area : Eye Strain | Repetitive Strain Injury | Wireless Safty

Keeping safe and being sensible online

This is a very useful resource for parents in terms of 'keeping children safe online', advice on stopping 'unwanted e-mail and spam', 'protection from viruses and hackers', and 'keeping private information safe'. It gives guidance, suggests products and offers tools to resolve these issues.

Childnet's Kidsmart Website
A practical internet safety programme website for schools, young people and parents. It provides leaflets, books, and

Chat Danger
A site all about the potential dangers on interactive services online like chat, instant messaging, online games and email.

Think U Know?
Brought to you by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre, this website contains loads of information on internet safety and safe surfing for young people. All hot topics about online safety are covered – including mobiles, blogging and gaming sites

Confident Happy Children
Provides anti-bullying advice for parents and carers of primary age children