Educational applications

This page was last updated on: 10th September 2007
Note:- applications marked with (1) or (2) need additional downloads before they will work, please see footnote for further information.


  • Maemo Blog is a blogging client for the maemo platform, still very much under development - download
  • gPodder is a podcasting client, a bit buggy and under development - download
    Installation: First download the file to your internet tablet. Then locate the file with your File Manager and open it manually.
  • Skype is a VOIP internet phone with Instant Messaging capabilities.
    Installation: Click on the Applications Menu and select Skype, the installation is automatic.
  • Mozilla Browser - Mozilla based browser provides support for the latest web standards and is flexible and extensible.
    Installation: Go here and follow the installation instructions.


  • Gnumeric Spreadsheet (1) is a useful spreadsheet editor - download
  • PontMiller (2) is a quick and easy drawing program with 700+ small clipart files - download
  • DocReader is a graphic utility that lets you view MS Word documents - download
  • FBReader is an eBook reader, supported formats are: FB2, plain text, html, rtf, chm, plucker - download


  • Maemo screengrabber a simple screenshot grabbing application - download
  • Media Streamer is a UPnP AV control point and player application. - download
  • Camera turns your internet tablet into a camera
    Installation: Open Application manager and click on:
    Browse Installable Applications->Multimedia->Camera
  • Maemo recorder to record sound files (note change the settings to record as .wav file) - download


  • Free42 Calculator is a port of Free42, an HP 42S Calculator emulator - download
  • Lybniz (1) is an easy to use mathematical function graph plotter - download
  • Maemo Periodic (1) is a periodic table that shows a great quantity of information about chemical elements - download
  • MathJinni is a simple function calculator and plotter.
    Installation: Go to Tools->Application Manager. Then click the Application Manager title in the upper left, click on Tools->Application cataloque.
    Create a new cataloque with these parametres:
    Cataloque name: Anderenen


  • VNC - In order to display the N800's on another computer or the whiteboard, we need to install an application on the N800's. You need to download application onto N800 The host machine (i.e. the teachers Mac will also need to download and install a separate VNC Server and a VNC Viewer - VNC Server for Mac OS X - - VNC Viewer for Mac - VNC Server and Viewer for PC
  • Maemopad+ is a Tree-based notes and sketching application, a'la Treepad - download
    Installation: First download the file to your internet tablet. Then locate the file with your File Manager and open it manually.
  • Password Safe is a utility to keep a list of usernames and passwords encrypted with a single password - download
  • Bluetooth Keyboard plugin (and GPS module plugin) - website for further information - **download**>

(1) These applications require the Bora SDK Repository. You can download it here.
(2) These applications require both Bora SDK Repository and Python 2.5 Runtime. Get** Python here.

Further educational applications and updates may be form time to time posted on the Maemo website __