Learning Hubs Project

The Learning Hubs Project is a one-to-one learning initiative involving 44,000 pupils and 5,000 teachers across The City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, West Lothian, Midlotihan and the Scottish Borders Councils.

The aim of the project is to improve educational attainment and pedagogic performance by providing every teacher and school child (primary 6 and above) with a personal learning device or “learning hub” such as a laptop computer, PDA or Tablet. All evidence shows that one-to-one learning vastly improves pupil motivation, engagement and attitude, resulting in a more enjoyable and productive classroom environment. This project if implemented today would be the largest and most ambitious one to one learning initiative in the World. The Learning Hubs Project combined with Glow and A Curriculum For Excellence will position Scotland with one of, if not the most advanced educational platforms in the world.

Virtually all jobs available in the future will require the mastery of information technologies. Scotland's ability to compete in a global economy will be predicated upon the country's commitment to educating, training and re-training a highly skilled workforce.

The promise of Scotland's future resides in the minds of pupils whose potential to thrive is limited only by their opportunity to learn.

One to one learning provides mobile learning or m-learning to students.